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Multimedia Reporter
Quezon City / Full-Time
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The multimedia reporter is responsible for covering newsworthy events and issues, as well as discussing and presenting them in various media platforms.


Applicants must have at least an undergraduate degree in any course; excellent command of English in both oral and written form; an inquisitive, analytical mind; as well as be healthy enough to work under the pressure of daily deadlines and rapidly changing conditions in the field.


  • Start the day reading all newspapers, news sites, journals, blogs and other sources relevant to one's field of coverage;
  • Update one's self daily on issues relevant to one's field of coverage;
  • Stay in close contact with supervisor throughout the day;
  • Constantly update one's self on ways to improve delivery of news, both in terms of technique and technologies;
  • Build and maintain a network of sources, e.g. officials, experts and other sources;
  • Deliver all output -- field intelligence, daily articles and special reports -- on time.


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