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Founded in late 2007 by Rob Goeller and Nate Spears, ClearSource BPO was launched and various opportunities for people to grow have been granted ever since. What started as a simple business opportunity, then became a major turning point for the company to focus on efficiency with customer service. The company opened its first Philippine office in 2019, after recognizing the potential the country had for an expanding BPO market, and since then, the growth has been near exponential, with the leadership of Goeller, Spears, and newly appointed COO Lawrence Flitton, the organization continues to inspire people to grow into their own skills and exceed their own expectations. 

We share an intense passion for creating an exceptional customer experience

At present, ClearSource continues to thrive and prosper, even during a global pandemic, putting utmost priority on the connections they make with every customer, client, and employee under their wing. 


Customer service, for us, should always leave a positive experience. As such, our services include a streamlined approach to providing the best customer service experience out there, which include:

  1. Industry-leading Telephone Support
  2. Chat Assistance
  3. Email Handling
  4. Comprehensive Reporting
  5. Cost-effective onshore and offshore solutions
  6. Remote Project Management 


Customer First

We share an intense passion for creating an exceptional customer experience.

Exceptional customer service is doing for our customers everything we can do after we've done what we're supposed to do. Our people are our most important customers.

Humble Courage

Be brave enough to seek, deliver, and accept feedback.

We prioritize our desire to reach our potential over our need to be right

Personal Accountability

Commit to do the right thing and do it.

Accountability is simply the idea that we do what we say we will do. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to be our best.


Do your best every day to make great things happen.

What do you want? How badly do you want it? We will provide a way. You will make it happen

Happy and Healthy

Choose well, live well.

Carving out time for self-care enables us to bring our best selves to our families and our work.

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