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At Greenfield, land is our legacy. Our founders have nurtured these prized possessions for years.


As stewards of these crown jewels, we develop these lands into communities that will remain relevant throughout the years, simultaneously working with nature while employing the latest in technology.


Whether in the city center or in the suburbs, Greenfield communities will stand the test of time, worthy of being handed down from one generation to the next.



About Us



           Anchored by vast landholdings, financial strength, strategic alliances, and supported by world-renowned consultants, Greenfield Development Corporation is one of the Philippines’s most diversified real estate companies, rapidly expanding through aggressive developments in industrial, commercial, residential, recreational and infrastructure projects.


Incorporated in 1961, Greenfield began as a landholding company, with thousands of hectares of land in various strategic areas in its portfolio.


Through the years, Greenfield has stood firmly on solid ground, providing the foundation for some of the Philippines’ most innovative projects.


As Greenfield continues to grow and develop its landholdings, its commitment remains: to leave the land nurtured by its principals as a legacy for future generations. Greenfield recognizes itself as stewards of these tracts of land and is committed to turning these precious resources into vibrant, living communities that will be “ours for generations”.








Committed to leaving a legacy for generations, we at Greenfield have constantly worked to translate innovations to real solutions. Anchored by our roots as a property ownership and landholding company, Greenfield has grown into a diversified real estate company that has developed mixed-use communities, as well as residential, corporate business, retail and infrastructure developments.


Throughout the years, we have strived to spearhead developments that are ahead of its time and above all, are part of masterplanned, thriving communities. From the first smart home in the country, Twin Oaks Place, to the first ever residential park, Pramana in Sta. Rosa, to the only smart and connected district in the Philippines, Greenfield District, to the premier outlet hub of the South, Paseo de Santa Rosa, we are fueled by our relentless pursuit of excellence and in the knowledge that we are playing an instrumental role in nation building.


Our vision at Greenfield is to simultaneously work with nature while employing the latest technological advancements. Through this vision, we offer a fully connected, balanced and sustainable lifestyle to the modern, dynamic Filipino who in turn, will be part of a legacy that he can bequeath to the next generation.


Allow us to share this vision with you.






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