Greenfield Development Corporation
Turnover Assistant
Mandaluyong city / Project Hire
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Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

1.    Monitoring of client accounts inside the CRM for turnover/ property inspection

2.    Creation of client/ turnover 201 files inside the CRM

3.    Coordination with Customer Management Group on the release of move-in & turnover clearances for qualified accounts

4.    Preparation of turnover notices for clients with turnover clearance (with templates from Legal)

5.    Responsible for client communication (letters, emails, sms, phone & mobile calls) regarding turnover schedules inside the CRM

6.    Monitoring and scheduling of turnover appointments to be tagged inside the CRM

7.    Handles client queries and concerns on property delivery to be tagged inside the CRM

8.    Turnover of property (lot or unit) to clients

9.    Ensures that required turnover documents are signed by the client

10. Files copy of necessary turnover documents to be uploaded in the DMS and tagged in the CRM

11. Endorses turned over clients/ accounts to Property Management Group for proper handling to be tagged inside CRM

12. Preparation and send out of second & deemed acceptance documents for unresponsive clients (with templates from Legal)

13. Creation and monitoring of handover related (client concerns) tickets in CRM

14. Weekly clean-up of CRM tickets

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